Discovering a water leak coming from the roof is something that can be really frustrating. But instead of panicking and dwelling on your disappointment, you need to act fast to solve the problem. Otherwise, the leak could get worse and the water damage would be a huge headache. Not to mention that it could cost you dearly.

So how do you handle this type of issue? Here are 5 steps to stopping a leaky roof:

1.     Get a Bucket

Once you see a dark spot on your ceiling, that is a clear sign of a leaking roof. Behind that is water building up and may drop anytime. So what you can do is to grab a bucket and place it beneath the stain. It should catch the water once it starts dripping.

Check the other parts of the ceiling and see if there are more stains.

2.     Cover Your Valuables

Water can damage household items, so make sure that you protect them. It would be best if you can move the furniture and appliances away from the area where there is a leak. But if you don’t have the space to set them aside, cover them with plastic.

3.     Let the Water Drain

The water behind that dark spot will find a way to get out. But if not, it will continue to build up and that could cause the ceiling to sag and collapse. So to prevent that from happening, you need to let the water drain. You can punch some holes using a screwdriver or a drill. You also need to prepare some rags because this can cause a huge mess.

4.     Identify the Source

Once the rain has stopped, inspect the roof and look for the source. It is possible that you have some holes or punctures on there that need to be patched up. The easiest thing that you can do to find where the leak is coming from is to see where the sunlight is going through the roof.

5.     Do a Temporary Fix

It would be great to have the issue fixed right away by a professional. But if you have to wait, you can temporarily fix it by putting a tarp or patching the holes up using some commercial products.

The next and final step is to contact a roofing company. You can do a search for one in your local area. Our recommended company for Toldeo, OH, is at