Sometimes, the weather is so unpredictable that you really don’t know when it is going to snow, rain, or when the sun will come out. And because of climatic change, it is so easy for moisture to accumulate. The problem is, they can go unnoticed until such time that they have already created big problems, particularly on the roof. Some damages are irreversible while others are just too expensive to repair.

With this in mind, inspecting your roof regularly is highly recommended. And as you do that, follow these 5 tips on how to detect moisture:

1.     Check the Insulation

When there is a leak coming from the roof, the very first thing that gets affected is the insulation of your home. Therefore, you should start your inspection in this area. The insulation materials soak up the moisture before the water starts dripping. That is why you need to move fast. Otherwise, this could lead to a very pricey ordeal.

2.     Look for Blisters or Bubbles

The presence of moisture can also be characterized by blisters and bubbles on the roof. These are two things that you need to watch out for when doing an inspection. They can be hard to see, so you really have to look very carefully.

3.     Observe the Roof Deck

When moisture builds up, it can cause early deterioration of your roof deck. This is another thing that you should include in your checklist when inspecting. If this part seems to be off, then moisture is most likely present.

4.     Monitor Water Leaks

Once moisture builds up, it will become too heavy that it will start dripping. You then have to check the different areas of your home, especially the ceiling and walls. If there are dark stains, that is obviously a sign that moisture has already taken its toll on your house.

5.     Call the Professionals

Like what we have said earlier, moistures are hard to detect. Therefore, it would be best to contact a professional roofing company to help you do a thorough inspection. If you’re in Henderson NV, you can try calling Henderson Roofers to handle your issue.